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Commissions by StampMakerLKJ Open by StampMakerLKJ
Trades by StampMakerLKJ Open by StampMakerLKJ
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A Little About Us

Starlight Enterprise is a group of girls (and Holiie) who help and support the Starloids and their founder. The girls do their own things though and aren't asked to do anything they are just not feeling like doing. Everyone has full creative freedom and aren't required to do anything in particular.

:bulletgreen:Stars is the founder and owner of the Starloids. She voices the females and she designs MMD model (Edits) for them as well as designed most of their outfits (With a few exceptions to more recent designs for Trina & Ari)
Disclaimer: I have had a lot of issues with my anger in the past. I've come to realize that I need to stay out of chatrooms with more people then I can handle because usually that is what gets me so on edge. Please get to know me 1 on 1 and not judge me on my past mistakes. I am a pretty nice person as long as you aren't abusive to me.

:bulletgreen:Holiie does promotional artwork and pretty much is freelance, he can choose what he wants to draw and when, he has full creative freedom. Hollie has only drawn artwork for Trina and actually made the pixel doll you see above!

:bulletgreen:Gabby mostly uses Trina for covers on her SC and pretty much promotes the voicebank. It hasn't been discussed if she'd be willing to do covers with the other Starloids or not

:bulletgreen:Catt helps with demos and testing out VBs for Stars. They are friends in real life so it works out a lot. She also is helping Stars learn to draw better. (XD)

Social Media
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My Sites

Starloids Homepage
UTAU Resources

My Games

:bulletblue:Wizard101 (Played a lot as a kid/teen)
:bulletgreen:ToonTownRewriten (Not very often...)
:bulletblue:ELOA - Starlight (Lvl 10 Assasin Worrior)
:bulletgreen:TERA - Ariisyandere (Lvl 41 Ninja)

:star: My Gaming YouTube:star:

Featured Users

In Real Life Bestie

The Sweetest Angels

Awesome Friends
(It's fine if you don't think of me as a friend XD)

Amazing UTAU Users

UTAU Progress

Voicebanks to come in 2017

Progress Tracking Bars

Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl Not Started
Blue Progress Bar 1 out of 5 by happy-gurl Motivated
Blue Progress Bar 2 out of 5 by happy-gurl Working On It
Blue Progress Bar 3 out of 5 by happy-gurl Recorded
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl OTOing
Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl Finished

Trina Wylington

I am resetting the World Tour Banks because I think I can do better on them
:bulletblue:Blazing Star (JP + ENG) Blue Progress Bar 2 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Shooting Star Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Shimmering Star Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Shining Star (2.0) Blue Progress Bar 3 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Korean Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Korean Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Thai Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Thai Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Cantonese Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Mandarin (Syo) Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Mandarin (October) Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Filipino/Tagalog Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Indonesian/Malay Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Spanish Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC French Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:VCCV Finnish Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVC German Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletblue:CVVC Italian Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl

Lola Wylington

:bulletgreen:VCCV ENG Act 2 Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl

Ari Lambert

:bulletpink:CVVC French Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletpink:CVVC Monopitch Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl

Dustin Alterino

:bulletpurple:VCV JP Act 2 Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl
:bulletpurple:VCCV ENG Blue Progress Bar 0 out of 5 by happy-gurl

Support Buttons

These are all free to use!

Money Related

To Buy List

This is a list of things I need to buy before I start commissioning people for artwork
(Just random artwork, Official artwork i'm still looking for the perfect artist)

Hey guys, me putting this here btw is NOT me asking for any money. This is more of something to remind myself not to spend any huge sums of money, and so people who come to my page know why I faved a commission journal but haven't commissioned lol

Money Stack Icon by Pixellizer Reserves: $0 Money Stack Icon by Pixellizer

Paw by KakiwaTV $170 Checkmark Icon by Crymsie
Paw by KakiwaBluetooth Speakers (for my phone) $30 X Icon by Crymsie
Paw by KakiwaEarbuds $12 Checkmark Icon by Crymsie
Paw by KakiwaCellphone Charger $11 Checkmark Icon by Crymsie
Paw by KakiwaBeats Headphones (Great for mixing) $200 X Icon by Crymsie
Paw by KakiwaNetflix $18 (a month) Checkmark Icon by Crymsie

21st Birthday Trip

So for my 21st birthday i'll be going to Disney World for the food and wine festival with my Nana. I just have to save up my half and she'll cover her own expenses. This price includes flights and presents and that fun stuff. I have wanted to go to the food and wine festival since i was 14 but of course I could never fully enjoy it since i wasn't 21 yet.

Needed: $2,500.00
Has: $50.00

Outstanding Commissions

These are commissions I have made to other people
I get paid Fridays so anyone that is half paid or not paid will be paid on Friday as soon as the funds are in my bank

AruOwlsArts - 1 Chibi of Lola ENG Design Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
PennyGEM - YCH Trina V-Day Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
LoliNoel - YCH x3 V-Day Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
PlatyBara - Lola Drawing Paid Button by RoyalBlackheart
PRISMOID - 11 Lipsync Dolls [Paying weekly]

Commissions for Me

These are people who I owe commissions to
Commissions by StampMakerLKJ Open by StampMakerLKJ
Commission Info:

Cookie-Catt - 20 Chibis [0/20]


Starlight-Enterprise has started a donation pool!
5 / 23,000
Donation Pool Rewards
New MMD model of a random UTAUloid (Not mine)
New UST released (language may vary)

These rewards keep repeating in a cycle. For every 1 UST you can get 4 MMD Models released

Managed YouTubes
:bulletgreen:Starlight MMD
:bulletgreen:The Starlights - UTAU girl group
:bulletblue:Starlight Pokemon
:bulletgreen:Starlight Gaming
:bulletblue:Starlight Media

Note to Admins: Please do not read notes or send notes without permission. The notes are for the business and not for personal endeavors and you should not open them without asking permission.

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A lot of Stuff in 1 journal [100 Watchers Reached]

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 8:54 AM
So first off... Thank you for 100 watchers! The 100 watchers gift is supposed to be Rose Queen SeeU but the dress still needs physics added to it (Hopefully Catt will have time to add them soon)
For UTAU users you got the free VCCV ENG Lola bank (Which I had been teetering on 98 watchers for awhile so I just decided to distribute it on time instead of making it an actual 100 watchers gift because the 4 year anniversary just seemed nicer XD)
As for my watchers for my actual art, i'm going to be digitizing an adopt I started sketching out yesterday that you may have seen.
Possible adopt? by Starlight-Enterprise
She's a blossom themed design :3
Of course it will be an adopt open for anyone to adopt, not just my art watchers because that's just stupid XD But it will be my first actual art post in awhile so //shot

Contest Related

I will be wrapping up the contests for Trina Blazing Star and her parents soon and Blazing Star's designs are gonna be hard to pick from so i'll be having a poll. I will KNOW if someone asked their friends to vote for them because I know the average amount of people who vote on my UTAU related polls. So If I see a HUGE change in numbers, I'll just be picking the design myself and won't be letting anyone have a say in the designs i pick again. 
Please realize that having people vote for your design is considered cheating. The point of the poll is to pick the design that is most desired, not the one with the most people who like the user who made the design.

Vocaloid Related

So... I might get V4... Because I kinda want UNI...
Me and my Korean vocaloids am i right? XD
I can find the Boxed Edition but I'd really rather have the digital copy since they are usually cheaper then the boxed versions (Not too much cheaper but still)
It'll cost me $206 if I do get the boxed editions of both Vocaloid and UNI together x_x
And I don't know much about VOCALOID so I feel it will be a bit before I get the VBs since... soooo much money, like that is an entire paycheck for me x_x

MMD Related

(With a Touch of UTAU)
I'm planning on releasing the model of Ari's new 2017 design, I hope that people will enjoy using my little bunny girl :heart:
I'm also planning on making YYB versions of Ari and Lola as well to go with YYB style Trina. Lola will have Luka's base but I forgot if Trina already has Rin's face or Miku's, I forgot lol 

UTAU Related

I'll be trying to finish up Blazing Star's last 2 pitches by the end of March. I would have gotten it done today but my voice is completely gone now... fml 
But luckily I have a pretty good OTOer taking care of the VBs for me so they'll be ready for release by Trina's 21st birthday (May 20th 2017)

Dustin Act 2 will be released on his 24th birthday which is June 20th 2017 and that will be the first official release of his voicebank. I hope you guys will like the newer voice better 

UTAU 30 Day Challenge 

I'll be starting the 30 day UTAU challenge on March 1st, so if you'd like me to draw your UTAU for the challenge, just leave me a comment with a picture of them. It'll probs only be a bust shot and will most likely be traditional like these drawings
Awasu Tendone by Starlight-Enterprise Happy Birthday Holiie! by Starlight-Enterprise

Life Stuff

So....I've been having a really hard time lately with coping with my depression and stuff, and it's become really difficult for me to function... I've decided that i'm going to really push hard to get the animal therapy i need. I've been trying so hard since I was younger to get into an animal therapy program to get a service animal, but i've always failed... With my new health insurance i'll have a new doctor for phsyc and i'm hoping I can get them to do this first instead of putting me on drugs when I really don't respond well to drugs...
My mom is also going to try and convince my step father to allow me to take my cat over here to KY with me because my cat has always been a huge help with keeping me calm and relaxed... I really need to have an emotional support animal. I've just been falling apart without him.
Sorry for kinda ending on a sad note x_x
that's all

Trina Wylington

Trina Maria Wylington


:bulletblue:Name: Trina Wylington
:bulletblue:Age: 20
:bulletblue:​Birthday: May 20th
:bulletblue:Weight: 140 lbs
:bulletblue:Height: 5'6"
:bulletblue:Likes: Cotton Candy, small animals (Hamsters, Rabbits, Chinchillas) baby animals (Kittens and Puppies) her older sister Lola, her tail being brushed accordingly, being an animal rights supporter at her University, History and Government Classes, taking part in political debates, watching Dr.Oz and Judge Judy, Disney movies and other children's films, and Anything with Adam Sandler. Trina is a HUGE How To Train Your Dragon Fan.
:bulletblue:Dislikes: People who misunderstand her meanings, people who touch her tail without her permission, people who pull her ears and tail, People who call her older sister fugly (Cause Lola is the most beautiful person to her) The color Red (On herself) People who act as if they understand politics but really know nothing but what the news tells them.

:star:Ke$ha songs are her favorite:star:

Headshot by Rukkochii

Lola Wylington

Lola Avril Wylington


:bulletred:Name: Lola Wylington
:bulletred:Age: 23
:bulletred:Birthday: September 12th
:bulletred:Weight: 125 lbs
:bulletred:Height: 5'4"
:bulletred:Likes: Baseball, Pizza, the Red Sox, popcorn, beating up demons, showing off, gloating and flipping off guys who cat call her.
:bulletred:Dislikes: People who talk shit about her behind her back, being told she can't do something because she's a girl, getting insulted just because she's a female baseball player on a males only team. Being underestimated and then after proving it people just saying she got lucky.

:star:P!nk songs are her favorite:star:

Headshot by Rukkochii

Ari Lambert

Ari Arianna Lambert


:bulletpink:Name: Ari Lambert
:bulletpink:Age: 21
:bulletpink:Birthday: October 31st
:bulletpink:Weight: 90 lbs
:bulletpink:Height: 5'0"
:bulletpink:Likes: Her senpai, smothering her senpai, doing hat her senpai tells her, sneaking into senpai's house while he's asleep and climbing into bed with him. Sleeping in bathtubs, swimming in lakes and rivers.
:bulletpink:Dislikes: Being bathed by other people, hospitals, wearing clothing, being yelled at, seeing her senpai talking to other girls, being force fed anything, being touched by anyone that isn't her senpai. People who point out her flat chest. People who don't believe her age even after showing them her ID and other documentations proving her age and the reason she looks 10.

:star:Britney Spears songs are her favorite:star:

Headshot by Rukkochii

Dustin Alterino

Dustin Brandon Alterino


:bulletblue:Name: Dustin Alterino
:bulletblue:Age: 23
:bulletblue:​Birthday: June 20th
:bulletblue:Weight: 210 lbs
:bulletblue:Height: 6'5"
:bulletblue:Likes: Baseball, Spending time with Trina, Red Sox games, Cheering on Lola, Playing videogames with Ari ('Cause she always loses and pouts all cute) Snuggling with Trina, Pulling Trina's tail when she's not looking. Making pervy jokes and getting the girls all flustered, Helping Michelle cook, Girls asking him out so he can say he's taken by Trina
:bulletblue:Dislikes: Slutty girls, Girls who won't take no for an answer, being bossed around, having to dance, being on TV and/or internet (Funny since he's a male model)

Note: Dustin actually doesn't like to sing, so he doesn't try to do well (pfft...)

:star:He mostly sing Justin Beiber songs:star:

Art by Yohao88

Support Stamps

UTAU Support Stamps

Disclaimer: If your UTAU doesn't have a stamp, I can't really put it here so please don't be upset
[Utauloid Stamp] Tendone Awasu by FakeTsuki Utau Stamp - Chine Saiko by FakeTsuki Fushi Murasaki stamp by Yuunarii
Ayame Support Stamp by StarsNeverStop

Vocaloid Support Stamps

Disclaimer: Aside from Mayu no particular order
MAYU Stamp by VocaloidStamps .::Stamp [RIN 2]::. by Leshiiri SF-A2 Miki Stamp by VocaloidStamps
SeeU Stamp by Mayu-Hikaru STAMP iroha nekomura by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Gumi Stamp by NaokoMizuto
Vocaloid Stamp - Galaco by FakeTsuki

Show and Movie Support Stamps

Disclaimer: No Particular Order
A lot of my shows don't have stamps...

steven universe stamp by RRRAI Baka And Test Stamp by Dekkii Sailor Moon Stamp by timevortex101
Dagashi Kashi Fan Stamp by TheTartestBite [ STAMP ] ReLife by imurdad Pretty Little Liars stamp by kas7ia
Malcolm in the Middle Stamp by duck4presidentsa [HTTYD Stamp] Dragons Logo by CanineHybrid Harry Potter Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
Girl Meets World Stamp by EpikBecky How to train your dragon by AmbreMarine Boy Meets World stamp by 5-3-10-4
The Big Bang Theory stamp by 5-3-10-4 2 Broke Girls stamp by 5-3-10-4 New Girl stamp by 5-3-10-4
MLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-Chibi Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventure Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Littlest Pet Shop (2012) by Zero-Janitor
Kung Fu Panda stamp by Larzu Cars Stamp by Pharaonenfuchs Monsters Inc. Stamp by Mintaka-TK
Tangled by azianwolfdoll Ice Age Stamp by gunsweat (Request) Total Drama Island Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Totally Spies Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Kim Possible (Tv Show) Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Static Shock Fan Stamp by JRWenzel
Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat Stamp by gunsweat Arthur (TV Show) Stamp by SoraRoyals77 Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman Theme intro stamp by WindyThePlaneh

Are my commission prices too high? [

5 deviants said No, Just nothing I need/want
4 deviants said Yes
3 deviants said No, Just can't afford to commission right now
2 deviants said I didn't realize you even had commissions!


aww thank you!
Thu Nov 3, 2016, 5:49 PM
Bautiful art <33
Thu Nov 3, 2016, 8:01 AM


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Feb 26, 2017
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Feb 25, 2017
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Feb 25, 2017
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